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When Sound Quality Is Important & You Can Hear The Difference


.  For those who want to hear a full audio spectrum of sound, without hurting or ringing ears at the end of the night.  This system is made to produce clear voice, thundering bass, and the fragile high frequencies...  A system to fill most rooms with a unique audio experience.

AudioMaverick specializes in wedding receptions and commercial events.  I don't recommend my services for a house party in the average housing tract!

.  Music drives the theme of any party.  Make it full, rich and complete enough to fill the dance floor... and the room.  AudioMaverick will keep your patrons/guests tapping their toes and stomping to the beat.  We play a wide variety of music from the Swing Era forward.

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About AudioMaverick

.  I am an old-school DJ who began hobbying in 1979, as Sound Explosion, in Orange County, California.  After several DJs having issues with vinyl, I began putting everything on tape and cataloging music for easy play.  In 1984, I introduced a CD player and began doing the same thing.  Luckily for me, databases became poplular shortly afterward.  By 1988, I was carrying a computer with a database to list music by whatever criteria I needed (i.e. - speed, year, style, intent).  I didn't beat-match, but matched the beats of the songs.  The database was all manually entered.  In 1999, I retired Sound Explosion and began working on a computerized 16-track audio field recorder and mixing system, called AudioMaverick.  My day job changed, I moved, and 10 years passed.

.  In late 2013, a friend convinced me to bring the DJ back!  The Sound Explosion name is now taken, many times over.  I had retained the web site name, AudioMaverick.com, and have repurposed it for DJ and sound services.  AudioMaverick plays music going back through the swing era, but mostly forward from the 1950s. 

A History Of The Gear

.  AudioMaverick is a full spectrum sound experience for most medium sized venues, with emphasis on rich quality sound over volume.  Sure, the system gets loud.  Just not super loud.  We want your audio experience to be great, not painful.


It Is Really About The Speakers...

.  A great sound starts with great speakers.  The amplifier is important, but the speakers have to be able to reproduce what the amplifier delivers.  My DJ'ing is mostly a conduit for creating speakers.  Out of high school, I used some store-puchased home speakers from Radio Shack!  I was almost immediately taken by the sound response over PA system speakers available at the time.  Since then, it has been my goal to create that audible difference from the off-the-shelf DJ hardware experience.

.  Within a couple of years, I began buying the speaker elements and experimenting.  Mid-range and tweeters are pretty easy to buy from specifications and put together.  Either, they work well together... or they don't... regardless of the stated specifications.  The issue has always been the lower frequencies of the bass speakers.  Bass needs a certain amount of energy (power) and physical volume... a fairly accurate size, too.  Magnet technology defines the bass speaker's efficiency, power and cabinet size.  Then, there are ports to allow for low frequency reinforcement for more bass in a smaller cabinet!  In the 1980s, bass was difficult and expensive to acheive.  One had to be pretty strong in math, rely on books, apply calculators, and plot graphs in order to be able to get to that extra lower end reinforcement.  Spreadsheets made it easier to calculate the series of complex equations to show trends over a range. In the early 1990s, computer graphing software (spreadsheets) made it possible to turn rows and columns of numbers into an easy to read graph.  Yes, I plot low end response curves!


A little history of ears and sound...

.  Anyone who has researched how the human ear works with audible sound will have encountered this... Humans hear the voice range much more efficiently and critically than higher and lower frequencies (reference: Wikipedia Equal Loudness Contour web site). We have a more dynamic ability to discern changes in the middle frequencies, and the quality/clarity of midrange speaker reproduction defines our listening enjoyment.  The human ear takes more energy to be able to hear higher and lower frequencies, then can't stand large power changes at either end very well.  That becomes more the case with age.  Overpushing power levels at the extreme high and low ends can reduce the enjoyability of music, as well as cause damage to the ears.

A bit about tweeters... Within the spectrum of human hearing, there is nothing more displeasing to audio reproduction than distortion at higher frequencies.  In cheaper speakers, peizo crystals or metal diaphram emitters are used, because they are more resilient to damage from over powering.  They sound OK at lower power, but tend to have non-linear and increasing levels of distortion with increased amplifier power.  Add in the directional horn to focus that distortion at the audience, and that amplifies it even more.  The result is ringing in the ears (tinitus), which may end up being permanent over time.  AudioMaverick uses soft domed tweeters to disperse sound evenly across the room, and because they tend to have lower distortion levels with power increases.  It is a subtle, but most noticable, enrichment in the overall music listneing experience.

A bit about mid-range...  This is the most critical part of the audio spectrum, for human ears.  A clear and dynamic mid-range speaker creates a vocal range with more pleasing audible understanding, and minimizing hurting ears. When designing a speaker system, this is the first one of the set to choose. It defines the tweeter and bass speakers that will go with it.  Mid-range speakers don't normally produce much of the lower and higher frequencies, but some may have a low enough response to not require larger bass speakers in smaller venues.  AudioMaverick chose the mid-range speakers it did for their clarity and reputation.  They also have a fairly low frequency response that allows them to be used without the larger bass speakers, for some listening environments.

A bit about bass speaker size...  Larger bass speakers are made to provide more pronounced lower frequencies.  The lower frequencies require large box volumes to properly produce, and tuned bass reflex ports enhance the lower frequencies they are tuned for.  AudioMaverick has chosen these particular 18 inch speakers and designed large enclosures to be very efficient down to 25Hz... that is very low!  Not all music has these frequencies in them, but you will know when they do!  These are the booms and chest thumps that increase your desire to stomp your feet on the dance floor.  In larger rooms and open venues, low bass is the first range to suffer.  Smaller speakers will show their bass weakness in larger rooms.  A 15 inch bass speaker requires twice the power or efficiency of an 18 inch bass speaker to do the same job. That means twice as much energy in front of the 15 inch speaker, and higher potential of ear damage.  Using smaller cabinets and porting virtually doubles the power requirement, again.

A bit about power amplifiers and high power speakers... To an extent, there is no replacement for more applied power.  High power amplifiers require speakers that can handle the higher power.  Although speaker technology has advanced, high power speakers tend to be more efficient at those higher powers and deficient at lower power.  In lower power applications, they tend to be less accurate and the audio experience less enjoyable.  During a wedding reception or other dinner event, sound is lowered to allow for conversation.  That means a lesser quality sound experience for the majority of the time a higher powered DJ system is operational.  Smaller systems running at higher power affect the room sound by making the area near the speakers (meaning the dance floor) amazingly loud while being weak at the back of the room.  AudioMaverick uses lower power amplifiers and more efficient speakers to acheive a higher quality of sound reproduction more evenly distributed for a larger range of listening environments.


What We Do

.  AudioMaverick works with you and your event coordinator to help create the best overall event experience.  We integrate with you and your event coordinator all the way through.  Things change as the day gets closer, and during the event.  We do our best to adjust with the changes.  The event does not revolve around the DJ.  The DJ is only a part of what makes the event the best experience it can be.

.  AudioMaverick is not a professional coordinator.  We have done enough engagements to know the flow.  We assist in steering the event in the right direction as the event progresses, from beginning to end, and help to keep everything on schedule.  There are many things that need to be done in putting together an event that a professinal event coordinator will bring to the experience.  We suggest anyone who doesn't have experience planning what it takes to put an event together to consult with a professional event planner.  If you plan on going without a planner, know that we will do our best to help coordinate a flow during our part of the event.

About The Music AudioMaverick Plays

.  AudioMaverick is a proponent of high quality sound, as well as legal acquisition of audio content.  We make every attempt to retain the highest quality recordings possible using legally obtained content.  We have a large library of content spanning many decades.  We don't have everything.  If you have special requests, we will make every attempt to acquire and play what you want. 

.  Older music has limitations on quality.  Some of our content has been remastered, and we strive to add any popular music to our library.  In many cases, AudioMaverick has recovered vinyl, some being recorded to high quality analog pressings.  One of the things AudioMaverick does is clean up and refurbish audio recordings!  We can't add content that was not in the recording and we can't do 'magic' on heavily damaged media, but we can often times make it sound much better.  Some music didn't make it from analog to digital, and we can convert them over to digital.  Some of the AudioMaverick library is of custom mixes of popular tracks you may not have previously heard, at least outside a nightclub.

.  In the end, we are about music sounding as good as possible.  Some recordings will not sound as sonic as others, especially older recordings. AudioMaverick will play music in the best available quality.  Rich and full is the goal of AudioMaverick.  Louder is not always better.  AudioMaverick will utilize a sound pressure monitor, upon request, to make sure that we provide enough sound while minimzing the potential of ear damage.

Timeline of AudioMaverick In Action

.  This is the place to see us in action!  AudioMaverick participated in several events, in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  The system has changed drastically while shaking out and modifying the gear.  I will post some pictures, soon.


The gear has already played several events:



. May - Big Bear Antique Car Club

. May - Neighbors helping Neighbors 80s Dance

. August - Race For The Cure, Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser

. August - Big Bear Antique Car Club "Fun Run"

. September - {Scheduled} Bark For Life, Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser - Big Bear's Meadow Park



. May - Big Bear Antique Car Club

. May - Neighbors helping Neighbors 80s Dance

. August - Race For The Cure, Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser

. August - Big Bear Antique Car Club "Fun Run"

. September - Bark For Life, Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser - Big Bear's Meadow Park



. May - Big Bear Antique Car Club

. June - Neighbors helping Neighbors & Masonic Lodge Dance Class

. July - Race For The Cure, Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser

. August - Big Bear Antique Car Club "Fun Run"

. August - Big Bear Amateur Radio Club Picnic

 . October - Big Bear Lake Halloween, for First Mountain Bank, the corner of Pine Knott & Village

 . December - Company Christmas Party for First Mountain Bank, Big Bear Elks Lodge



AudioMaverick Specialties

AudioMaverick DJ services has done wedding receptions, dances, and various company events. We use stage quality stage microphones on UHF wireless transmitters for clear talking and singing.

Do you need to record something?  How about clean up a recording that isn't as good as it can be, or is on vinyl or tape?  How about small stage sound enhancement for accoutic or small group events?  Call us.

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